New apartments in the center

The best of the new with Bonaparte Promotion

Is it your dream to buy a new apartment in Strasbourg in the Centrum district? We will tell you more about Pinel, Malraux and Censi-Bouvard laws and you will have access to accommodation from T1 to T5. Future investors in ward 67 ( Bas-Rhin), you can rely on our specialists to take care of your project.

Everything that a new apartment brings you

You should know that new real estate investment in Strasbourg in the Center district and elsewhere in the region Alsace is very advantageous, here are the attractions of this future acquisition.

New housing was always preferred when investing savings. Bonaparte’s ambition is to enable you to acquire new properties that meet your expectations, in line with your budget and enable you to realize a profitable financial transaction.

Is your home renovation project located in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčnotable heritage? The Malraux law gives you your rights, allowing you to deduct up to 30% of the amount invested for the work from your taxes.

If you invest in a new or renovated specialized building, with the Censi-Bouvard law you will be able to take advantage of a tax discount of up to eleven percent of the amounts invested in your purchase. Do you want to buy an apartment in order to rent it out?

The Pinel Law is a very good opportunity, as it gives the possibility to claim tax deductions of up to 21% of the price of the apartment.

If you want to find your new real estate program in Strasbourg in the Center district, you have found the ideal partner: Bonaparte promotion and its teams will guide you through the realization of this acquisition project. Would you like clarification on home loans?

These are questions that our advisers can help you resolve by talking to you about the tax benefits of investing in a new property. In particular, you will be able to benefit from lower reduced notary fees, including PTZ.

New housing Bas-Rhin: peace above all else

When it comes to financing this real estate project, know that there are many opportunities: from traditional loans to subsidized contracts, we will explain these provisions to you in detail. First time buyers can finance up to 50% of their investment with PTZ.

Are you interested in new technologies? You definitely need a new apartment: new generation materials, electronics, modernity will of course be here.

Do you want to buy ecologically certified housing? It will be more profitable for you to invest in new buildings, because modern buildings mostly meet energy efficiency standards. All our latest new programs benefit from the BBC label, regardless of size. The savings achieved through low-energy housing are generally very significant.

By purchasing a property that is not yet completed, you will be offered special guarantees both in relation to the investment itself and to the property (guarantee of repayment, completion, etc.).

You will be entitled to a ten-year warranty, which gives you 10 years of warranty in the event of a problem or hidden defect. Unlike the old one where work may be required, the new flat is less restrictive and you are assured of a standard compliant flat.

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