Foreign investors play a major role in more than 15% of sales in Spain – Le Courrier d’Espagne

This investor profile closed 15.44% of sales made in Q3 2023, according to the latest data from the College of Registrars.

Economic uncertainty and the upward trend in prices have reduced the demand for real estate among Spaniards. Faced with this reality, the foreign investor has come into the limelight Spanish real estate sectorwhich represents 15.44% of sales made in the third quarter of 2023, according to the latest data from the College of Recorders.

This number, the second highest in history, demonstrates the considerable attractiveness of the Spanish real estate market for foreign investors. According to Ferran Fontdirector of studies and spokesperson for, “in the face of a decline in the number of operations, the foreign investor now appears to be a key revitalization agent”.

The number of operations performed by this sector of the population has grown exponentially in recent years. In 2009, the share of foreign sales was 4%, compared to 12.15% in 2013.

Nationality of the foreign buyer in Spain

“If there is an investor profile that has always excelled in Spain, it is the British buyer who sees our territory with great interest not only because of housing prices, but also because of the climate and quality of life, which means that even today, when demand is more diverse than at any other time, it remains at the top of the chart,” explains Font.

During the third quarter of 2023, the British returned to the charts with 10.11% of these sales, followed by Germans (7.01%), French (6.72%), Belgians (5.35%) a Moroccans (5.32%).

“If we look at the same period in 2013, we see some differences, especially when it comes toRussian investor, whose role was inevitably reduced by the start of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” the expert said. In Q3 2013, the rankings were dominated by the British (14.75%), the French (11.45%), the Russians (9.35%), the Belgians (7.25%) and the Germans (6.94%).

Markets in which the foreign buyer invests

Areas that this type of buyer chooses? PUSH coast of the Mediterranean Sea Spain remains the preferred destination for foreign investors in the real estate sector. According to the latest report by the College of Registrars, the provinces with the greatest weight of housing purchases by foreigners in the third quarter of 2023 were Alicante (43.76%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (36.58%), Málaga (35.33%), Illes Balears (31 .69%), Girona (30.85%), Murcia (24.83%) and Las Palmas (20.85%).

The Balearic Islands, the Community of Valencia and the Canary Islands are the most concentrated autonomous communitiesoperation from foreign investors. Specifically, the Balearic Islands (31.69%), the Community of Valencia (29.45%), the Canary Islands (28.17%), the Region of Murcia (24.83%), Catalonia (16.36%) and Andalusia (15.98 %).

According to the report, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years as the Spanish real estate market remains attractive to foreign investors. “The reasons that make our country internationally attractive are very diverse and range from the excellence of our residential stock and the privileged climate that the Spanish coast enjoys to the level of prices that, although far from moderation and a decrease in the number of operations, remain below the others countries of the European Union,” concludes Ferran Font.

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