CES 2024: LG brings the world’s cutest AI home assistant to Las Vegas

LG Electronics is set to introduce its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for the home at CES 2024. But don’t imagine a speaker like the Echo or Google Nest, LG’s AI home assistant has robotic artificial intelligence and multimodal technologies that allow you to move, learn , understand and participate in complex conversations.

In other words, It’s a little robot with wheels who moves around the house and looks at you with his two round eyes.

The concept is part of the vision of the company “Workless Home” and is built through years of voice interface experience like the ones used by LG in their TVs.

with his “bipodal” wheel design, LG’s AI smart home assistant can navigate your home independently. This smart device can verbally communicate with users and express emotions through movements enabled by the joints in its legs.

In addition, the use of multi-modal artificial intelligence technology, which combines voice and image recognition along with natural language processing, enables – says LG – an artificial intelligence assistant for the home. understand the context and intentions, enables active communication with users.


This AI assistant that works as smart home center “on the go”connects and controls home appliances and IoT devices.

Thanks to LG’s latest collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the AI ​​assistant features the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform, which enables on-device AI functions such as facial and user recognition.

This AI technology uses its integrated camera, speaker and various sensors to collect data present in the environment in real time, including temperature, humidity and air quality.

LG’s advanced AI technologies analyze this data, continuously learn from it and combine it with external information. The AI ​​assistant can even act as a pet monitor and watchdog, allowing users to view and care for their pets remotely and send alerts if any unusual activity is detected.

It can also “patrol” the house autonomously when no one is there, it moves from room to room and sends notifications to smartphone user if it finds an open window or lights on. Plus, you can help save energy by connecting to a smart plug and turning off unused devices throughout your home.

When the user returns home, the AI ​​assistant greets them at the front door, recognizes their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions, and selects music or other content appropriate to their mood. It also helps users in their daily lives by providing traffic details, weather updates, personal schedules or reminders to take their medication.

Visitors to CES 2024, which will be held from January 9 to 12, will be able to see LG’s latest smart home solutions, including an artificial intelligence home assistant. withstand companies.

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