Carefully! Scams are on the rise through text messages and WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become an indispensable communication tool for Mexicans; However, some cybercriminals use the platform to execute fraudsbut how do these people work?

Some users claim that December is the month in which this type fraudseither text message or from WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp or text message scam work?

Are you receiving messages from unknown numbers? you won’t know! This type frauds they start with a text message either WhatsAppin which cybercriminals They impersonate some institution or company and send users a link to click on.

The moment that person opens the link in this message, criminals will automatically have access to users’ personal data and be able to exploit it. To this type frauds They are known as ‘Phishing‘.

“Phishing” and “Whatsapping” Learn how these cyber scams work

How to avoid WhatsApp or text message scams?

Unfortunately cyber fraud They have become a very common crime and it happens due to the carelessness of some users, so we share the following recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.

  • Do not provide personal information by phone, email or message WhatsApp either text message
  • Never share personal information on social media, such as bank accounts.
  • You should always check the reputation of online stores as well as sellers.
  • Do not put your personal data on shared computers and remember to log out of your accounts after using them.
  • When you receive links by email or message WhatsApp o SMS verify the sender, if you are not sure, do not click.

According to Alberto Ruiz Guzmán, a member of the Financial Education Committee of the Association of Mexican Banks, banking institutions will never require information such as name, account number or PIN.

What is phishing and how does this scam work?

Although there are different types fraudshe Phishing became the most used criminals, from text message either WhatsApp It is the easiest way to fool people, especially the elderly, but how does this crime work? We explain to you

He Phishing It is a form cyber fraudwhich begins when cybercriminals impersonate banking or government institutions and send users a link to obtain passwords and other banking information.

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