Artificial intelligence is capable of creating new AI without human help

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to surprise us all, especially because of what it can do.
According to one investigationhe emphasized that artificial intelligence is capable of creating new AI without Help human.

A report released by McKinsey on Technology Outlook and Trends 2023 revealed that generative artificial intelligence is expected to contribute at least $4.4 trillion in economic value by 2023. And these data are not surprising, because between 2021 and 2022, interest in this technology tripled, underscoring its importance and the opportunities it offers companies.

Artificial intelligence is capable of creating new AI

Not to stop surprising us, artificial intelligence models can now create smaller AI systems without human help, according to research published Friday by a group of scientists who said the project was the first of its kind.

According to the research, larger AI models like those powering ChatGPT can create smaller, more specific AI applications that can be used in everyday life.

A collaboration between Aizip Inc. and researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several University of California campuses. These specialized models could help improve hearing aids, monitor oil pipelines and track endangered species.

“Right now we’re using bigger models to build smaller models, like an older brother helping his younger brother get better. This is the first step towards broader work on self-evolving artificial intelligence,” said Yan Sun, CEO of artificial intelligence technology company Aizip.

“This is the first step towards proving that AI models can create AI models,” he added.

Additionally, Sun and Chen demonstrated the device, a human activity tracker that uses artificial intelligence to collect and analyze movement data, and was housed in a chip smaller than a dime.

He added that this sensor is an example of small machine learning, small artificial intelligence systems that can be used in compact devices or spaces. “Small machine learning capabilities are critical to augmented AI, the idea that almost any object can become intelligent,” Sun said.

“If you think about ChatGPT and small machine learning, they are at two ends of the intelligence spectrum. “The big models … reside in the cloud,” Chen added. “On the other hand, we build smaller models. It resides in things.”

According to the study, home appliances such as coffee makers, ovens, dishwashers, televisions and more could include artificial intelligence in the future.

This research gives us a new direction for the technology that will continue to grow in the future.

AI data

  • The AI ​​market has a current market value of nearly $100 billion and is expected to grow twentyfold to nearly $2 billion by 2030.
  • Artificial intelligence is largely used for operations involving customer service and functions related to product and service development in the high-tech and telecommunications industries.
  • IBM is a global leader in active machine learning and AI patents, with more than 5,500 patent families as of November 2020.

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