Agglo Compiegne. Senlis Manufacture still comes, but in a smaller place – Oise Hebdo

The Manufacture de Senlis is the first company to be established in the former Ordener barracks in Senlis. Produces leather goods for Hermès. Photo: city of Senlis

“It’s a program adjustment,” reports Vice President Bernard Hellal agglomeration council mid December. The Agglo will sell for €840,000 excluding tax Senlis factory plot of land with an area of ​​16,900 m2, where the former Epide infirmary stands. The manufacturer plans to install a new one workshop for the production of leather goods on this built complex of 4500m2. The company produces leather goods for the Hermès brand. It will move from the Ordener district in Senlis to the business park Hauts-de-Margny.

In May 2023, Aggloo voted to transfer this former Epide infirmary building and land of approximately 21,120 m2. The sale price was broken down as follows: €400,000 excl. tax for the part comprising the former infirmary building on a 7,120 m2 plot and an undeveloped plot of approx. 14,000 m2 at an average price of €45 ex-tax per m2 (price including service works). Or a total of €1,030,000 tax-free.

To reduce its impact on the soil, Senlis factory wants to acquire an undeveloped plot of 14,000 m2 and acquire an area of ​​9,780 m2, i.e. a total sale price of €840,000 excluding tax. The unallocated area of ​​approx. 10,555 m2 constitutes a land reserve for this establishment or for other activities.

Shared parking with the public trading company Le Tigre

To optimize the space, SPL le Tigre could offer to rent parking spaces in the “Le Tigre” event center. In addition to seats made by Senlis Manufacture.

Le Tigre has more than 900 seats, the occupancy of which is compatible with the needs of Senlis Manufacture. “There could be an agreement between SPL le Tigre and Senlis Manufacture to provide additional parking spaces,” continues Bernard Hellal.

“Shared parking makes it possible to avoid the mineralization of this sector,” continues Bernard Hellal. “The SPL president is not against this deal,” continues Philippe Marini. It’s an environmental deal.”

Financial support of EUR 1,000 per job created

This arrival of Senlis Manufacture should enable the creation of 250 to 300 jobs. At a pace of around fifty jobs created per year. La Manufacture de Senlis asks ARC for help in real estate investment. The real estate program is almost €10 million tax-free, including €3.5 million tax-free equipment.

ARC generally intervenes at the rate of €1,500 per job created, with a maximum limit of €200,000. It will provide an average support of €1,000 per permanent job created, “out of a target of 200 to be reached within 5 years, i.e. a total of €200,000”.

This support will be paid when jobs are created. “The arrival of this company will create jobs for women,” says President Marini.

The implementation of this support will depend on the signing of an agreement setting out the obligations of Manufacture de Senlis. The company also contacted the region about real investments.

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