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Why invest in real estate with the 2024 Olympics coming up?

Investing in real estate in the lead-up to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris presents a unique opportunity. The Olympics should generate strong demand for housing, especially for short-term rentals, thereby increasing rental income.

The event also promises real estate appreciation in areas close to the Olympic sites, making the investment particularly attractive.

In addition, infrastructure and transportation improvements planned for the Games could have a lasting positive impact on the local real estate market.

Now is the perfect time for investors to take advantage of this exceptional momentum and anticipate increasing property values ​​and lucrative short-term rental opportunities.

Where to invest at the dawn of the Olympic Games in 2024?

With the dawn of the 2024 Olympics, you can turn to Seine-Saint-Denis, which stands out as a privileged choice, hosts the Olympic Village and benefits from improvements thanks to the Grand Paris Express projects.

The area promises an attractive rate of return, especially in Saint-Denis, Le Bourget and La Courneuve, where accessibility and urban development projects are stimulating real estate attractiveness.

THE Hauts-de-Seine, with key venues such as the Yves-du-Manoir Stadium in Colombes and the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre also offer solid investment potential.

These areas combine proximity to the Olympic sites and a quality environment, attracting sustained rental demand.

Paris Intramural, despite higher prices remains an attractive option. Districts near the Olympic sites, such as the 18th, 19th, 10th, 11th and 15th, are particularly sought after for their strategic location and potential for seasonal rentals.

The expected increase in tourist demand during the Games could lead to a significant increase in rents, making these areas particularly attractive to investors.

How to rent accommodation during the 2024 Olympic Games?

Renting your home during the 2024 Olympics requires planning and knowledge of local regulations.

Is necessary declare your property as a seasonal rental at the town hall, especially in Paris, to obtain a mandatory registration number.

Owners must respect the limit of 120 rental days per year for primary residence. As for prices, it is advisable to adjust them according to increased demand while remaining competitive.

Promoting housing on popular platforms can increase its visibility. It is also important to ensure that accommodation meets standards of comfort and safety, and to ensure efficient management of tenant arrivals and departures.

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