Balance sheets for 2023: what is behind the huge online investment boom?

As you may already know from your circle of friends and family, online finance is all the rage across the country, making investment platforms among the most downloaded apps of the year. How can this phenomenon be explained? In the following article, we will discuss in detail some possible reasons that explain this event.

That new technologies have forever changed the way we perform certain tasks and functions is now beyond debate. In fact, just think about the way we perform Christmas shopping: Who wouldn’t rather do it online? Of course, this example can be extrapolated to any other aspect of our daily lives, such as work, education, social life and even investing in the financial market.

Online finance is actually one of the big phenomena of 2023 that is coming to an end. Checking the most downloaded apps and the most visited sites, we found that Mexicans and Mexicans have turned to online markets in large numbers.

Therefore, below we are interested in summarizing some of the reasons that can help us understand this phenomenon and be able to imagine how this trend will continue until 2024. Without a doubt, we are facing a boom that is here to stay. Mexican life.

1 – New Equipment: Online investments find their first explanation in easy access to various financial assets. In this sense, it is no longer necessary to know specialized resources how to mine cryptocurrencies or read specialized charts from sophisticated financial reports. Investment platforms do it for us.

In other words, this means a huge democratization of the investment and financial sector, where many industries have ceased to be a taboo topic and have become everyday conversations in offices, meetings with friends and much more. Why not take a more active approach to your own financial health?

2 – Old needs: Of course, you can’t think about the online investment boom in Mexico and much of the region without understanding the economic and social context. The years of the pandemic have awakened the usual needs: to try to preserve the value of our capital.

In this sense, investment platforms have become great allies so that the savings capacity is not damaged by problems such as inflation or devaluation. Looking ahead to 2024, this connection should be expected to continue to grow.

3 – Financial education: Hand in hand with all that has already been said, people’s financial education has grown exponentially and significantly in recent years, across different generations. An essential part of this is, of course, access to pedagogical and educational resources that the Internet makes possible.

According to various studies and surveys, it can be found that many people devote their free time to reading about economics and finance, which seemed impossible even a few decades ago, especially among the youngest part of the population. The wide range of financial courses is just one example.

4 – Innovation: Finally, it should not be overlooked that at every moment there is a new innovation that facilitates and accelerates operations in the markets. In the course of 2023, without going further, we can talk about everything that artificial intelligence has offered to platforms and investors.

This is why with every new advancement, more small and medium savers are choosing to enter online markets to take advantage of the latest tools. Why not take advantage of what the Fintech world has to offer?

The bottom line: looking ahead to next year, expect this trend to not only continue, but grow and continue to rise, reaching new demographics. The national and international regulatory climate further facilitates this.

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